Teacher Feature – Debbie Kramer

As an ex-smoker, I thought I knew all about breathing […]

Teacher Feature – Candi Hoffman

When you first came to yoga, what did you hope […]

Teacher Feature – Steph Mulligan

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about me. […]

Teacher Feature – Tracey Kyle

My 8th grade students can’t believe I teach yoga. “You’re […]

Committed to Community: Soaring Spirit Marks Ten Years

This month marks the ten-year anniversary of Soaring Spirit Yoga […]

Teacher Feature – Kelley Daya Gallop

Little Feet Don’t Stink! by Kelley Daya Gallop Little girl: “Someone’s feet […]

Teacher Feature – Kathy Brobst

A few years ago, I found my energy really drained. […]

Make Committing to Self-Care Easy in 2019

We all know that self-care is an essential part of […]

Turning off the Tape Recorder

Turning off the tape recorder 08.22.13 by amkantrovich Ok, I lied. […]

Back to the Mat: My Reconciliation With Yoga. ~ Heather O’Hare

Some people have epiphanies. Some people recognize the signs sent […]

9 Rules Every Yoga Teacher Should Follow. ~ Rob Pollak ~ Funny!

Via Rob Pollak on Jan 16, 2013 Nine simple things […]

10 Principles About Life to Look at Every Day

1. Bad situations in life are only temporary. “If you […]

Favorite Obscure Cues and Their Translations Revealed!

Ever been stuck in a class utterly perplexed by the […]

Subbing Hell

Ok, maybe it’s not a layer of hell, but it […]

When are 5 breaths really just 5 breaths?

  Hello Everyone! This is a blog that my dear […]



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