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Private Instruction


At SSYS we offer private instruction including small groups and individual sessions.

SSYS private session cancellation policy: cancellations in the form of a credit will be issued with 24 hour notice.  All private instruction is prepaid at time of booking. Please contact us for pricing and instructor availability. To register for private instruction, please click here.

Individuals and Small Groups Private Lesson Options

The study of yoga began as a dialogue between teacher and student. We honor that tradition by offering by offering Private Yoga for individual students or small groups. Private sessions are a great way to meet your individual needs for body-mind health, relaxation and stress management. Whether you are brand new to yoga, have a physical condition that needs special attention or you would just like to have a specialized consultation regarding your personal yoga practice we highly recommend private sessions.

Thai Yoga Therapy
Thai Yoga Therapy utilizes three major techniques to bring healing to the body and focus the mind:  stretching the muscles, ligaments and joints, massaging the of the fascia, and tension release of acupressure points.  Its receivers benefit from increased flexibility, range of motion, muscle tension release and a clearer state of mind. For more information, please visit our Thai Yoga Therapy page.

Please click here, to register for private instruction