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Yoga for Kids and Tweens

Kid Yoga is committed to fostering positive emotional growth, encouraging imaginative thinking, expanding self confidence, and promoting physical health and well being in kids. Classes are unique in design and are structured to include music, games, and active imaginations in the creation of an environment that invites children to get involved. This program is devoted to the enhancement of the potential present in all children. More specifically, it is a method of teaching – through yoga – the value of exercise and creative visualization; aligning body, mind, and spirit. The exercises are designed to promote body awareness, mental focus, and release tension. With nurturing guidance and loving patience, every child that enters the program will feel free to open their minds generating creative energy and expanding their awareness while having loads of fun! SSYS offers two age groups for our Yoga for Kids program:

For K-4th Grade
Join us for some fun with yoga! This Kid class meets once a week for 6 weeks. Children K-4th Grade will participate in traditional Hath yoga poses, games, partner exercises, crafts, music, & yoga sounds. Our program fosters self-awareness, confidence, and healthy body image in a safe and nurturing environment. Pre-registration is required.

Yoga for Tweens
Join us for some fun with yoga! This Kid/Teen class meets once a week for 6 week sessions. Children 5th grade and up will participate in traditional Hatha yoga poses, games, partner exercises, crafts, music, & yoga sounds. Our program fosters self-awareness, confidence, and healthy body image in a safe and nurturing environment. Pre-registration is required.

Contact us to see when the next Yoga for Kids or Tweens session is being offered.


Yoga for Kids in the News

By GENEVIEVE SHAW BROWN (@gsbrownabc) Jan. 2, 2013

Yoga: It’s said to be the fastest-growing sport in America, with 20 million people practicing. But the latest trend among yogis is that an increasing number of practitioners are pint sized.

Kids – from newborns to teenagers – are learning the terms down dog, sun salutation and more in kids-only yoga studios and even in their classrooms. It’s also one of the only non-competitive sports available.

“More practitioners and more parents are becoming aware of the benefits of yoga and seeing their kids can benefit too,” said Liz Eustace, CEO of Alignyo, an online yoga community with a newsletter devoted to all things yoga. “The things that benefit an adult will also benefit a child. Stress reduction, mind- body connection, physical strength – these are things that benefit kids as well as adults.”

At a recent kids yoga class for 6-9 year olds at YogiBeans, a kids-only studio on New York City’s Upper East Side, both parents and children were anxious to talk about the good yoga has brought to their lives.

“It clears your mind off something that’s really bothering you,” said one little girl.

So how does a kids yoga teacher keep the kids attention on the “oommm” for an entire class? While there are similarities between kids and adult yoga, a kids class is far more relaxed.

“[Kids and adult classes are] very different, but the foundation is always the same. There’s still the mind-body connection that is the foundation of all yoga,” said Eustace. “But what’s great is there’s a ton of creativity with kids yoga, like meowing like a cat, barking in downward dog or hissing like a cobra. There’s an incredible amount of creativity and playfulness within the foundation of yoga. And it’s these kids moving in such a creative and conscious way that makes it such a fun practice for children to get involved with.”

Lauren Chaitoff, co-owner and instructor at YogiBeans, agreed. “It’s going to be little bit sillier, more playful. Kids are stressed these days, there are social pressures and pressure in school.”

It seems school can be a difficult place for kids, at least sometimes. “My daughter’s in third grade,” said Gail Tobias, mother to one of the girls in the class. “There’s an abundance of homework already. After she’s done with the class I find she’s much more eager to go home and sit and do her homework and be more focused. ”

A little boy – one of two in the class – told me yoga helps him forget what’s bothering him. “After class is over it seems like I’m not so worried about my problems as when I was in school,” he said. ” Like when I’m here I’m not thinking about oh how much homework do I have, or what do I have to do, what do I have to not do.”

Experts say parents should do their research before signing their kids up for a yoga program. A good place to start is the Yoga Alliance web site, where parents can search for a instructor that’s been trained in children’s yoga. The voluntary standards put forth by Yoga Alliance require 95 hours of training to become registered.

If there are no children’s yoga programs in your area, your kids can still benefit from the practice. “There’s great resources online and through books and through DVDs,” said Eustace. “Whether you’re in a small community or a larger community you can still integrate a lot of the practices and teachings of kids yoga.”



In order to keep you up-to-date with inclement weather, we use several ways to notify you of changes in the schedule. We update the online Schedule ONE HOUR prior to class start time and will also do a post on the Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to get updates quickly.

Important Update about Soaring Spirit Yoga Studio and COVID-19

Hello Everyone and thank you for your patience as we navigate this uncertain time. I have decided to temporarily close the studio based on a call to action I received from the Yoga Alliance.

The Yoga Alliance been intensely monitoring CDC and WHO updates for the most current information and recommendations as to how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. As a leader in a wellness space, I am trusted with the health and wellbeing of our practitioners and am committed to adopting the practices that offer the best protection for our community. Due to the increasingly rapid transmission of COVID-19, the world is experiencing an unprecedented collective response. I want Soaring Spirit to do its part to limit the spread of this disease.

All in-person yoga instruction will be moved online until the need for social distancing has passed. You will still sign up online through the MindBody system and an hour before class starts you will receive a link to join the class on You can use your phone, tablet or computer to participate. Most of our regularly scheduled instructors will be teaching their classes. Please see our online schedule for any changes and updates.

Please keep your eye on our social media and newsletters for the latest information. We are here for you.

With peace, love and a whole lot of Gratitude,
Nancy and the SSY Team