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Yoga for Vets

Soaring Spirit Yoga Studio is committed to serving our Military, Veterans, their families and community. We wish to serve those who have served. We have several programs we participate in to ensure this happens:

Soaring Spirit Yoga Studio is a member of Yoga for Vets and we simply offer four free yoga classes to our Veterans, Active Service Members and First Res-ponders so they may enjoy the benefits of yoga. Contact Nancy to participate in Yoga for Vets so she may activate your class pass. Take free classes and see what yoga can do for you!

NOVA Veterans Association Mission: We work together through a common bond of service and commitment to support our joint mission of caring for our veterans and their families. We coordinate a continuum of services, offer warm hand-offs and, provide follow-up to approved partners and associates.  

Soaring Spirit Yoga Studio is a Supporting Partner Member of NOVA Veterans Association proudly serving our military community past present and future. We allow our community to know we support our local veterans and families not just with words but with action. NOVA Veterans Association, a NonProfit 501(c)3  offers programs, discounts, sponsorships and events to honor those who have served with ongoing support, outreach and initiatives.


Soaring Spirit is also a partner and supporter of VEToga, whose mission is to provide yoga, meditation and healing arts to military, veterans, their families and communities. VEToga offers free monthly yoga classes, events and veteran specific 200 Hour Teacher Training’s throughout the year. VEToga is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.